SMOKE crafts food inspired by our passion for open-fire cooking. From small plates to family-style affairs and elegant coursed meals, we create unforgettable experiences and exceptional food. 

We prepare everything onsite and cook many dishes over an open flame, highlighting the ingredients' authentic flavors from the Mediterranean roots of rotisserie, grilling and open-hearth cooking.

Our team is made up of experienced hospitality professionals. They are a passionate group of food & wine enthusiasts who love what they do. The team is dedicated and understands all aspects of front and back of house in order to execute a flawless event. The dedicated team works together as a unit to create an unforgettable experience for each client they work with.

Morgan Robinson, Chef/Owner


Morgan Robinson has more than 25 years of experience as a classically trained chef in restaurants & wineries such as The Ritz Carlton/Aspen, Bistro Don Giovanni, Domaine Chandon, Cakebread Wine Cellars and Franciscan Estates, among others. 

Morgan founded SMOKE to follow his passion and vision - a catering company that is inspired by fire - the Mediterranean roots of rotisserie, grilling and other open hearth techniques. Morgan uses local ingredients and artisan food producers, all employing sustainable practices, to prepare his inspiring menu items onsite, creating a truly unique experience for guests. This year SMOKE celebrates 10 years of providing innovative food to the Napa Valley.

In 2016, Morgan and his wife, Irma, opened their first Southside, a community-driven café and coffee bar, serving real California cuisine with a Latin influence, along with specialty coffee from Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, and beer & wine from friends in the Napa Valley. 

Irma Robinson, Owner


A born planner and idea girl, Irma manages many aspects of her businesses with a focus on marketing and events. Irma was born in the Bay Area to Mexican immigrants. Her family was brought together by a home filled with music, laughter and good Mexican food. Irma’s strong roots keep her passion tied to all things Latin-inspired.

In the late 90’s Irma moved to Melbourne, Australia where her passion for food and wine truly began. Irma relocated to Napa in 2001. As if meant to be, she met her now husband Morgan Robinson on her first day at work on a temporary assignment at Cakebread Cellars. Irma went on to marketing and management positions with wineries including Domain Chandon, Darioush, and Quintessa. Through a shared passion Irma and Morgan started businesses to compliment their lifestyle after traveling to Europe and South American where food and wine were at the forefront of their visits. 

When not running her food businesses, Irma can be found running the business of her family, 12 year-old Ariana Alma, 9 year-old Francisco David, and their dog Orion.